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We have decided to buy Extender. What do we do next?

Download our “Getting Started” document for detailed instructions. This document covers:

  • Setting up QuickBooks
  • Extender system configuration
  • How to enter mapping information
  • Daily (or weekly, monthly) operation

We are just getting started. Accounting advice would be appreciated.

Of course. We have helped a number of small businesses ensure that they get the most from their accounting data. Business owners need to understand that the accounting function is not just a “necessary evil” that they have to worry about so that they can file their taxes. A properly structured general ledger and QuickBooks setup will ensure that you have the critical information you need to run your business in the most profitable manner. With years of experience helping a large pet care facility with multiple locations, we can help.

We have prepared a white paper that provides some advice on the relationship between Atlantis, Extender and QuickBooks in terms of accounting for your revenues. Click here to download: Accounting guidance for pet care facilities.pdf

What is the best way to account for punch cards?

There are two appropriate approaches to accounting for punch cards: the cash basis and the accrual basis. The cash approach means that the amount of the sale of any punch card is taken into income on the date the punch card is sold. The accrual basis will allow you to take the revenue into income only when the punch card is applied (which could be months after the sale.) The accrual basis is the best way to match your income to your expenses.

Unfortunately, Atlantis does not yet allow for Extender to account for punch cards on an accrual basis.