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Accounting reports

Click on the following links to see a sample in a new window. (Requires PDF reader.)

Mapping table This report shows how every possible item that could appear on a charges report is mapped. Be sure to review pages 5 and 6.

Sales receipt This report shows all of the information used to create a sales receipt. Note that this report shows data for only one location of several in Atlantis.

General Journal This shows the data used to create a General Journal entry in QuickBooks. Note that this sample report only deals with the items that were not transferred using the Sales Receipt.

Transfer log This report lists all of the transfers that were made for a given range of dates. This report is from Extender’s log table which ensures that all of your transfers are recorded and that you do not transfer the same data more than once. Using the transfer log will ensure that you have transferred all of your data for a given date range into your accounting software.