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Transfer data to other accounting software

Extender is currently oriented to QuickBooks (desktop editions only). By default, Extender is set up to create two entries in QuickBooks every time you make a transfer: a Sales Receipt and a General Journal (Journal Voucher). يورو 2024

You can also set Extender to put all of the Atlantis data for a specific date range into a single Journal Voucher. The resulting output is available in a report which can be entered manually into your accounting software. شعار بوروسيا دورتموند Extender can also save the journal voucher data into a CSV or an Excel file.

QuickBooks On-Line Edition (QBOE)

Currently, QuickBooks On Line Edition (QBOE) does not allow for the import of transactions from a file. However, there are add ins that can be purchased that will upload an Extender Excel / CSV file. See QuickBooks App Center. We will customize the format of the output file for you at no charge.

Other accounting systems

Many accounting packages such as Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree) allow you to import transactions from Excel or CSV files. We will customize the output file format at no charge. سباق الرالي