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“I’ve been using QuickBooks for more then 15 years and I also was a QuickBooks pro advisor for a few years. I’m also a pet hotel operator and have been using Kennelsoft Atlantis for probably as long. They are both excellent programs in their own right. But to get my Atlantis financial data into QuickBooks, I would have to manually enter it. There was a bridge program that was supposed to automate this in the past, but it never worked accurately, so I was skeptical about Atlantis Extender at first. When I started using the Extender program, it didn’t quite do what I needed. But after working with Bill Jensen, it is now advanced to the point where it takes maybe a minute a day to have the data transferred. kak da vlqza v bet365 Then I compare my on account balances and refundable deposits balances in both programs and when they match, as they usually do, I’m done. If there’s a difference because of an incorrect entry in Atlantis, then I know where to quickly find the error and correct it. It was well worth the few hours spent in initial setup to save so much entry time in the future and get numbers I can trust. Extender also contains several useful reports and functions of it’s own. Thank you Bill.”

Hank Bialous
Country Kennel
Lindenwold, NJ

“Extender is a great software application to use in conjunction with the Atlantis program. Once it is set up, moving the daily transactions into QuickBooks is a dream. In the past I had to enter all the daily transactions one by one into QuickBooks, which took hours. Now it literally takes only a few minutes. Bill Jensen was a blessing to work with; he had all the patience in the world in teaching me how to get it set up and running correctly. ماكينة قمار I highly recommend the program and wish I had had something like this to help me get my transactions transferred to QuickBooks years ago. Thank you, Bill.”

Marci Garl
Fit ‘N’ Furry Pet Resort
Petaluma, CA

“Parker Pet Care has been using Extender since 2012 as a complement to our Atlantis Software Program and our QuickBooks accounting program.  We have two locations and process all of our sales from our Head Office in Toronto. From an administrative point of view, Extender has proven to be a time saving bridge between our two programs.  Extender allows us to process our sales much faster than before. It enhances the accuracy of our postings by eliminating manual posting errors and allowing us to breakdown our revenue into specific categories that would otherwise be very time consuming to do manually. شكل كليوباترا الحقيقي Once Extender is mapped specifically for your company, an employee with little accounting knowledge would be able to record revenues into QuickBooks.

Extender is very easy to use and I recommend it to anyone who uses Atlantis and QuickBooks.”

Susan Parker
Parker Pet Care Inc.
Toronto, ON